imin Extension Namespace Vocabulary Terms

This repository holds the JSON-LD definition of the imin namespace. The terms in this namespace are defined for use within the imin Search API, and are not designed to be used by data publishers. Data publishers should consider publishing thier own extension namespace or using the OpenActive Beta Namespace.

imin works as part of the OpenActive Community Group to promote the usecases represented by the properties within this namespace, with the intention of standardising them over time.

This namespace MUST be referenced using the URL "https://imin.co/" (which will return the JSON-LD definition if the Accept header contains application/ld+json), and is designed to be used in conjunction with the "https://openactive.io/" namespace.

Please raise requests for content or issues related to the namespace via GitHub.

Recommended usage as follows:

  "@context": [
  "type": "SessionSeries",
  "name": "Tai chi Class",
  "url": "http://www.example.org/events/1",
  "location": {
    "type": "Place",
    "imin:fullAddress": "ExampleCo Gym Kingswood, 1 High Street, Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, BS1 4SD",
    "name": "ExampleCo Gym Kingswood",
    "address": {
      "type": "PostalAddress",
      "streetAddress": "1 High Street",
      "addressLocality": "Kingswood",
      "addressRegion": "South Gloucestershire",
      "postalCode": "BS1 4SD",
      "addressCountry": "GB"



(Class) Property Expected Type Description
(oa:ScheduledSession, oa:Slot, schema:AggregateOffer)
schema:Boolean A field which indicates that an opportunity can be booked if other conditions are met.
(oa:SessionSeries, oa:FacilityUse)
schema:Dataset Data source from which the opportunity originates
(oa:SessionSeries, oa:ScheduledSession, oa:FacilityUse, oa:Slot)
schema:URL Links items found in the Firehose to items found in Search
schema:AggregateOffer An AggregateOffer relating to the opportunity.
(pending:EventSeries, schema:Event)
schema:Boolean A field which indicates whether or not this data is better consumed as slots data than sessions data.
schema:Float Price for adult non-members derived from the appropriate Offer.
schema:Float Price for junior non-members derived from the appropriate Offer.
Array of imin:LevelType The difficulty level of an Event, in a structured format.
schema:Boolean Indicates whether this offer is only available to members.
Array of skos:Concept An array containing all the activities that are found at a place.
schema:String Full address in one line.


Class subClasses Description
imin:LevelType schema:StructuredValue Structured difficulty levels with free-text labels to allow them to vary based on context.

Enumeration Values

Type Value Description
imin:LevelType https://imin.co/AdvancedLevel Advanced difficulty level
imin:LevelType https://imin.co/BeginnerLevel Beginner difficulty level
imin:LevelType https://imin.co/IntermediateLevel Intermediate difficulty level
oa:OrderItemStatus https://imin.co/CustomerCancellationPending Customer cancellation pending but not yet complete